At first it was a relief to be diagnosed..

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition was in one way a relief as it explained why I was feeling the way I did. For several months I had been anxious, stressed, my muscles were sore and tight, I was always hungry and eating lots but yet I had lost weight. I was constantly exhausted and I even developed a tremor in my hands. So to know the reason behind all of this was certainly a relief at first.

I had not been advised to do anything but to take the medication and hope for the best. And that's what I did.

However, despite being a pharmacist, I soon lacked faith in the prescribed medication to improve my health. After a series of blood tests with no visible improvements I was told that my only options were to either have my thyroid removed or have treatment with radioactive iodine, which would effectively kill it. I felt hopeless.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes...

It was only when I started studying nutritional therapy and functional medicine that I realised that nothing was changing because I wasn't changing. Through my studies I realised all of the things that I COULD do to improve my symptoms and move my body towards remission.

It was then that I decided to take action and take my health into my own hands.

I changed my diet and lifestyle so that I could avoid surgery and a life-long prescription.

I took it one step further and did some functional & genetic testing. The results helped to show me EXACTLY what was going on in my body and allowed me to personalise my nutrition and supplements even more.

I have changed my life

Since then I have developed a toolkit and a lifestyle that works for me and has helped to put me into remission. I have changed my life. I am now empowered to look after myself without being at the complete mercy of doctors. I will always be grateful for what medication can do for me but I am more interested in knowing all of the other ways I can keep myself in remission.

This is why I have made it my mission to help others, like you, who are suffering with an auto-immune thyroid condition. I want to share the knowledge and wisdom I have gained about nutritional therapy and functional medicine and help you live a happier, healthier life.